SSD only technology

The environment has been developed using pure SSD technology. All drives are connected in hardware RAID. While many companies deliver SSD-cache only solutions, our servers run on solid state drives only, whenever you choose to use them for e-mail storage or demanding database operations.

20 sec. provisioning

Oh, yes – we are THAT fast! In a blink of an eye you can click your new environment and have your server up and running.

Very useful when you try to change server parameters, or you just need another server for, let’s say, testing purposes.


One of the most convenient solutions for developers. You can make a snapshot of your server anytime.

Snapshots might be used for restoring your server state and also as images for setting up new instances. Imagine that you configure your enviroment, let’s say LAMP, WordPress and a set of your favourite plugins. You make one-click snapshot and then run new servers with exactly the same configuration in seconds!

Hourly charging

Why to pay a monthly fee, while all you need is a test environment for one hour? You pay for every started hour of usage. The smallest server costs $2.5 per month, which gives $0,0034 per hour – this is the minimal cost. So, if you set up a test server, run it for 40 minutes, and then destroy it – you’re charged for one started hour only (at the end of your monthly billing cycle).

No more ’empty’ monthly payments when you don’t need the server!

Private Network

You can easily have your own private network. This kind of network connects your servers only. It’s thus very secure, as your instances do not exchange information over Internet. The private network is unique for every customer.


Sometimes you might need just a bit more of computing power. We cover that! All you have to do is to stop your server for a moment, choose a bigger plan, and start it again. In 10 sec. you have more power under the hood!

KVM Console Access via Panel

Should anything sudden happen – do not hesitate to use our KVM Console. No need to install SSH tools on your device, you can access the command line of your server from the browser, using our panel widget.

Many systems to choose from

At the moment you can install your server using 11 ready system images, including versions of Debian, Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora. You can also start a server using your own, previously made snapshot of your server in Cloudentic, which is very convenient as a cloning tool.

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Data Center


Tier III Data Center

We hold our infractucrute in the most reliabile data centers in the world. For the start we chose Beyond.pl Data Center 1. It is 800 sq.m. of technological surface. The Data Center meets international Tier III (rating IV accordingly to ANSI/TIE-942). 14 MW of guaranteed power.


Data Center provides connectivity Tier 1 international operators, including Cogent, Level3, Interoute, Kaiaglobal, NTT Communications, RETN, TeliaSonnera plus key Polish operators.